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Vehicle may not restart/service is required

Yesterday I have noticed on power display that regen braking is eliminated with the dashes going up to zero and power is limited to 100 kW. Then the message about vehicle may not restart. Made service appointment for Jan 13(!). Just curious if anyone have seen this and what to expect. Is it serious or just software issue? MS 85D 2016


  • What is the temperature. Sounds like a low SOC cold soaked battery.
  • Turn on preconditioning or charge and see if that helps clear this. It does sound like a cold battery.
  • Battery heater failure.
  • Thanks for the info. Any idea about the repair cost?
  • Mine was $850.
  • My Model x gave this message along with bunch of other warning messages, while charging at supercharger. Ambient temp was around 55F. Now re-generation is completely off. Very disappointed.
  • After several days driving without regeneration braking and limited power just this past Sunday everything came back to normal. So maybe problem was not the heater but some sensor that controls the battery temperature?
  • Tesla SC found that the battery coolant heater has an internal fault causing the alerts on the screen, so they would need to replace it. My model X is 4.5 Yrs old and out of warranty So it will cost me $$$.
  • This battery coolant heater failure quickly after 4 year warranty appears to be a common problem and should be covered by recall.
  • Is there a Tesla SB out on it? If not, it may not be a common problem.
  • Happened to me too. (2015 70D).
  • I don't do much of cold battery driving (always drove when ambient is above 45F) so I think battery heater is not used much. Still failed after 4.5 years that to while connected to a supercharger for 10+ minutes and while charging @45KW , so surely pointing towards some design or manufacturing problem.
  • > @nitinr_98060866 said:
    > I don't do much of cold battery driving (always drove when ambient is above 45F) so I think battery heater is not used much.

    Optimal charging temperature is well above ambient temp, even in summer. Heater is used a lot.
  • Our 2017 S is at the local Service Center for the MCU2/radio upgrade. Reported to them that we saw the "may not restart" warning on Monday. When they checked the logs, determined it was the battery heater - parts ordered and hopefully will get this fixed early next week.
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