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Trailer hitch for bicycle rack on 21 M3

Model 3 does not have the option to install a trailer hitch by Tesla at least not in North America! I tried having an e-trailer hitch installed by my local body shop . Experience was not good as it seems I managed to order the wrong hitch off their web site! Dispute this the shop got the hitch on but with great difficulty. Then my back sensors stopped functioning and lost functions like parking assist. As soon as hitch was removed the sensors worked fine. My shop also verified that the trailer wiring was present so why does Tesla not offer the option as so many of us bicycle and do not want a trunk rack!
My question to E-trailer was how did the web site let me order the wrong hitch but got no good answer. They did say the correct one is the Stealth model but it requires making a hole that I think might void the warranty. Not a good thing .
Wishing there was a Tesla approved solution or an alternative to E-trailer that someone could recommend.


  • FWIW I went with Torklift stealth hitch. Works great.

    Note that the parking sensors are going to be unhappy about any object sticking out from the back of the car, no matter how it’s attached.
  • I should have been more specific as the issue occurred with just the presence of the hitch and NO rack. Understand that the rack will drive the sensors crazy
  • Do you mean "hitch receiver"? The receiver is the square receptacle that "receives" the hitch mount (bike rack, hitch ball, etc). The Torklift stealth receiver sits below the sensors and is invisible to them. Furthermore, it can be removed and the hole covered with an optional magnetically-attached cover.
  • Yes I mean hitch receiver, thanks. The problem with stealth is I think u need to make a hole in bottom of car. Do not want to do this. Is Torklift same as e-trailer , if so I had a real bad experience with them
  • Talked to my local Tesla service and they see no problem in having a hitch installed. The worst case would be fixing any damage done by the installation. Now this is unlikely but u are responsible for cost of these repairs. Rest of warrenty remains intact.
  • If you don't have cargo and rear passengers, you could just carry your bike inside with the rear seats folded down. That's what I do. I'm guessing this is not an option for you?
  • There is a Torklift hitch for sale on Craigslist in Raleigh, NC.
  • > @Jmcfet said:
    > Yes I mean hitch receiver, thanks. The problem with stealth is I think u need to make a hole in bottom of car. Do not want to do this.

    Yes, it does involve cutting a hole in the underside of the plastic fascia under the rear bumper. You can’t see the hole unless you’re laying on the ground looking up under the bumper. And there is an optional magnetic cover that you can pop into that spot when the receiver is removed.
  • I found this the US Tesla Catalog.

    Tesla M3 trailer Hitch Part #
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