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The Tesla Experience 2021

We are a more recent purchaser of a tesla. While I loves my tesla as a driving experience, we have had nothing but issues with Tesla service, our car has misalignment issues, paint problems, water condensation and also rusting after 3 months. All of which Tesla refuses to take care of. You are buying technology but not a luxury car experience.
Tesla used to have a 7 day inspection program in which you could return the vehicle after delivery. They abandoned that program a few months ago. Make sure you read the lemon law clause if you don't waive it you will have to do arbitration only!
You order and pay for your car on line.
You own the car when they deliver it to you and you will have no recourse or resolution of any defect at the time of delivery.
I won't buy another Tesla. I wouldn't buy at a time when elon is trying to hit a stock quota for shareholders it's more important to tesla to push cars off the assembly line than it is to do quality inspections. They haven't figured out customer service yet either.

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  • Was your Model S built in 2020 or is it just new to you?

    Your car is at least three months old, but are you saying the Service Center has made none of your requested repairs in that time?

    Please advise what part of your aluminum car is rusting. Thanks.
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