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State Farm Policy Change Regarding "systems and equipment to generate electrical power"

Does anyone know if State Farm is saying they won't cover Tesla solar roofs that generate 125% of the power you use? Here's a photo of Homeowner's policy update that I recently received:

This could be a problem for us because I plan to buy a small electric pickup as soon as one is available (perhaps 2025?). I want our roof solar production to match our current needs plus one electric vehicle, but I won't have the vehicle until 2025ish, so we may go over the 125% until then.

I plan to call State Farm but just thought I'd check here to see if anyone has already talked to them. I'm really curious why they made this change. Is State Farm a climate denier?


  • I'm surprised that your local utility allowed you to exceed historic production by that much. Most want to cap it at +10%. Mine (SCE) only issued PTO after I signed a form that said I'd not over-produce once my remodel construction was complete. (For historical usage, they were using the consumption pattern of my tenants, rather than the house I was moving from.) I've only overproduced one year, and that was during construction, when no-one was living in the house. I carried-over, rather than getting a payout. Now, my offset is 85-90%, which is where I want it. We've got two Plug-ins, a Bolt and a Volt.
  • @davem98607_98360536 -- I checked with State Farm here in CA, and no such limitation applies. Looks like you're just unlucky up in WA, sorry.
  • Nothing on my State Farm policy in AZ
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