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Not sure how to get this information to Tesla, bug report no longer send info to Tesla and they don’t seem to really monitor this forum. Album Art was broken several updates ago and they don’t even acknowledge they are aware of it.


  • @RedDragon - The in-car bug report has never gone to Tesla. It just sets a flag in the car's log. It makes it easier for the techs to find that location in the log when you go in for service. Not too useful for software bugs.

    Agreed, with 48.30, art still not working.
  • Same here, and still trying to make as much noise about it as I can, to no avail. I went to Tesla support chat about it, after bypassing one lobotomized rep, got another rep that actually dug into the issue and found it's a barely-known issue, and had me talk with an SC about it. Talked with SC a bit, they claim to have issued some extended logging/investigation on my car to diagnose, but got no further and didn't follow up after that.

    Few people seem to use USB media (though FLAC is the only remaining way to still mostly "own" an album and pay artists for their work via Bandcamp etc), so it's a little known issue. Most people stream Bluetooth trash audio on their fantastic premium audio system... convenience over all.

    It was broken when the new Spotify UI was released, and it worked mostly perfectly before that (though I'd prefer track-level album art, instead of picking an arbitrary album art from a group of tracks with the same album), now it doesn't work at all on either FLACs nor MP3s.
  • also to add: I use a split USB/dashcam partitioned HDD (spinning drive - which doesn't wear out due to the constant dashcam writing), and it has worked great ever since Dashcam was first sent out with an update (mid-2018 Model 3 LR/RWD here), now almost 2 years of constant daily use, and several captured Dashcam events later. I wouldn't think the partitioning would have anything to do with the issue, but it'd be good to hear if anyone else uses a split setup.
  • I support this rant for 100%.
  • > @falcon4_98043673 said:
    > I wouldn't think the partitioning would have anything to do with the issue, but it'd be good to hear if anyone else uses a split setup.

    I use a split setup. It makes no difference - my USB media has been miserably broken for far too long now as well. It's never been great, but this is the worst it's ever been, and has been this way for several software versions now. I love Tesla and I love this car, but it definitely is frustrating that there's literally NOTHING you can do about this but scream at a wall and find solidarity with the 5 other people that use the feature on this forum...
  • Ha! Well, maybe as a heavy USB-media user, I can offer some tips. Aside from album art and the lingering wake-up bug, USB media is pretty great to me.

    I find that USB media fails to resume playback every time the car wakes from sleep, but if I wake it externally (e.g. open the app or pop the trunk/hood) or open a door, close it, and come back in 20-30 seconds or so, it'll resume where I left off.

    I also rely a lot on a fun little decades-old program called Tag&Rename to organize and mass-tag my files in a way that makes the in-car browser less troublesome (and to add the album art, which no longer works) - e.g. to make "mixtape" albums of pseudo-playlists for lack of playlist support. Just tag them all with the same artist & album name, put the artist name into the song title, and it works well enough (though this is why I wish album art worked at track level).
  • FalconFour - Yes, I've discovered some tricks to get things working in a pinch too, but really, it shouldn't be this hard. My old Honda Civic's USB media player was a zillion times better and more reliable than my M3's, which is pretty ridiculous (don't get me wrong though, I'll keep my M3, thank you very much :) ).

    To TeslaTap's point about in-car bug reports not really going to Tesla - I didn't know that, but thinking about it now that makes sense. So, I too was going to report it in my Tesla account. I see there's a chat option now, but there's no longer an "Ask us a question" form - is that gone, or am I just missing it?
  • My 2017 Model S has the same issue when the latest update was installed. Maybe someone need to get on Twitter and catch Elon's attention.
  • I REALLY miss album art. It worked before, why not now. Hello Tesla software devs, please fix this.
  • > @StuartK said:
    > My 2017 Model S has the same issue when the latest update was installed. Maybe someone need to get on Twitter and catch Elon's attention.

    Make a PayPal transfer of #$ to Marques Brownlee in order to ask him to make that tweet:-)
  • I confirmed artwork is still broken with yesterday's version 40.35.5. It did fix the tiny font issue. I added this question to the Q4 investor's call on Tuesday. It's unlikely to get asked, as it's dependant on upvotes but maybe someone at Tesla will read it:

    Can you give a little development love to USB Music? USB music saves bandwidth costs but is broken. Music does not resume after park/return, album art is broken, and no longer is in recients. Love to get back thumbnails when selecting albums/songs too. How about a Years genre?

    Investors can ask questions or upvote questions here: (my question is likely near the end). It's limited to 280 characters so it has odd wording to fit it in.
  • The new version is actually 48.35.5.
  • Tesla is probably well aware of the USB music situation, they designed it and sell it after all. Usually a feature is "broken" to force the promotion of a new feature like Spotify and sell more Premium Connect. Follow the money.

    I am thinking of installing a Vizio sound bar and connecting it via HDMI to a Mac mini in the M3. This would make for an exact copy of the library at home. Yes a cool grand for this setup, but if it keeps me sane ...
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