Phantom pedestrian

While stopped at a light I was getting occasional phantom images of a pedestrian first in front of my car image then on the side. There was no one in sight, just the other car and truck images.

Something like this could really screw up FSD when we finally get it

Anyone else ever have this happen. It was almost spooky seeing this black figure appear then disappear on and off


  • Ghosts in the machine.
  • Things like that are the reason that FSD isn’t ready yet. As they polish it, they’ll figure out how to eliminate those ghosts.
  • Glad I wasn’t in front of a cemetery
  • @2manycars - Are you using the new limited beta 4D FSD? If not, then I wouldn't worry about it much.
  • No just the general release addition
  • Don't worry. Tesla cameras don't see real ghosts just like they can't be seen in mirrors :-)
    Seriously, though: this is clearly still in development, hence the "Beta" and "limited" designations of the FSD software.
  • What you have is not remotely similar to the beta version out already.
  • I saw the same thing. My first drive after the new update led to extremely erratic self-driving behavior as phantom pedestrians were being seen everywhere. A big step backwards in my opinion. Yes, I realize that this is likely a bug that will get fixed soon, so I'm not terribly worried about it, but after all the hype about the "holiday software update," I must admit to being very disappointed.
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