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Solar Monitoring Down (2021-01)?

Anyone else having monitoring problems (Solar Edge HD Wave Inverter)?
I intermittently get home usage (from the power monitor), but haven't seen any solar data since 12/31. Inverter is producing. And I power cycled everything (including the inverter).


  • It's all fine, here in So. CA. My ISP is Frontier.
  • Thanks. I'm in Colorado. I have a local friend that's having trouble too. Maybe I'll have to give them a call.
  • All good here as well. SoCal
  • I'm having issues with my powerflow data. I don't have PTO yet but data is down since 1/31. I'm here in Florida
  • i spoke too soon! Both tesla Solar app and the Solar Edge app are down today! not showing my production at all. Display says zero.
  • Well, I determined that my Inverter reset itself and some (all) settings were cleared out. I actually noticed it rescanning the optimizers.

    I had to manually reenter the Zigbee gateway information (which fortunately I have snapshots of). And the inverter now reports "Gateway OK".

    It reported some production data this morning but then seemed to go offline again. Even though I actually got 18.3 KWh today. I also have a Sense monitor so have a secondary way to remotely check what's going on.

    I'll see what happens tomorrow. At this point, I'm still trying to determine if the problem is on my end or on Tesla's side.
  • I downloaded my January 6th data, and see significant dropouts at 11AM, 12 Noon and 1PM. My production went to 50% of normal during a fifteen minute-scale reporting period centered at those times. Very curious, since it was clear and calm all day yesterday. The near-infinite negative slope (vertical) of these dropouts would seem to indicate a dropped data issue, rather than an actual production issue.
  • Called support. They had me power cycle the Tesla gateway. All good now!
  • Thanks, I've done that multiple times. Now, strangely, my power flow bubbles are working, but "Energy Usage" is showing "0" production. I suppose I'll bite the bullet and call them as some point.
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