Model X

Inaccurate Battery Mileage

We recently purchased a Tesla Model X Long Range Model 2017, we went to the San Antonio TX for a minor repair and we got there with still about 30-40 miles to go. After the repair they fully charged it our was showing 289 mileage range. We traveled to Laredo, TX about 173 Miles distance...and about 20 miles from our destination the battery was completely drained. Me and my wife were praying to God just to make it home...we later learned that the batteries have a reserve of about 10-20 miles. We were traveling at an average of 80 miles with the AC on and it was at night. Could this have cause the battery to drain.?? I was planning on traveling a lot with this car but now I have my doubts. How can we prevent this? In Laredo, TX AC is a necessity we can't drive without the AC on.


  • AC has some effect, but far more likely was the speed. The range is based on EPA, 65 mph, flat, no wind, and 70F. Were you going more than 65 mph?

    Here's a more detailed list I made of how different items affect range in an EV and ICE cars:

    In the future, I'd not run it that close. You can't be sure you'll get any more miles at 0% SOC. Sometimes it's 20 miles, and more often it's zero. I'm not sure what causes that discrepancy. Hopefully, there are Superchargers along the way. Charge up along the way and eliminate all that stress :)
  • Your range is actually better than mine. Currently get about 50% of the range for the Charge I have . for example 120 miles for a 240 mile charge in my 4 month old Tesla X. I am unable to do the distances I could do with similar charge , same roads some weather conditions with my old Model S. I have been given all kinds of explanations by Tesla services as to why which make no sense and which I have not accepted. Any one with similar experience?
  • Two main reasons for a difference between the Model S and Model X: More weight, and a larger cross-sectional area that increases drag. The faster you go in the X, the worse it will be when compared to the S at the same speed. Now get a headwind, and the difference is even worse.
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