Solar Roof

Going with Solar Roof when you already have non-Tesla solar panels?

I have an order in for two Powerwalls to supplement my existing non-Tesla 7.2 kW solar setup, but a local incentive for new solar makes it a steal vs. Powerwalls alone. The math looks like this:

Two Powerwalls: $19k. No incentives.

Total cost: $19k

8.1kW solar roof + two Powerwalls: $43,683 - $13,341.5 (local 50% off solar incentive) - $9,852 (fed) - $1,000 (state).

Total costs: $19.5k

Basically I'd gain more solar capacity than what I have now and a brand new roof for $500.

Here's the problem:

I have 5 years left on the MA SREC II program (worth roughly $8-10k in future SREC sales), and Tesla won't touch my roof as long as the panels are on it.

Ideally, I'd like to move my existing panels to the roof a woodshed attached to my house to finish out the SREC II program, and have Tesla install the solar roof where the panels were without messing with any of the existing solar array's components.

It's looking more and more like I'd have to do this work myself and hope the utility or Tesla doesn't bail on the twin setup anywhere in the process. Has anyone been a similar situation before? Any suggestions?
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