Model X

Air suspension failure

My Model X air suspension compressor failed at around 57k miles in October 20. After couple weeks of wait, I was able to get the car to service where they diagnosed and repaired the problem with about $1500 charge. Got MX back on Oct 22nd and had message on main display “air suspension compressor failed” again on Dec 24th. Car was undrivable as it was so bumpy without suspension. Couldn’t get the spot for service till Jan 21st first but then got lucky and was able to get on on Jan 4th. After a day of diagnostic, service staff sent me a message saying that “actual air compressor module” is failing and it would cost me additional $600. I asked that how come this thing failed within 2 months and response was that it was working last time and it is a new issue. While that is possible, it is very hard for me to believe that is true. Service tech replaced $1000 worth of parts last time. Was it just unnecessary and what was needed to be done was an actual modular replacement to begin with? Why do I have to pay diagnostics and labor again? Service tech could not answer other than telling me that “they sympathizes with my situation”.

While money aspect is not a huge deal, I think Tesla need big time change with their service capabilities. They need to scale up and should be able to accommodate service request within 1-2 days. Need to wait for 2-3 weeks to get your car serviced is simply unacceptable specially when you are taking about your daily commute car. As Tesla is making affordable cars which they envision would be the car for everyday use for more and more families, scaling up service is very crucial.

Hopefully more competition with other EV would get them aligned with auto industry standard to some extent...


  • Sorry about your problem. There is no need to duplicate the same information in multiple threads. It makes it look like a copy and paste spam bot.
  • Our model X has had almost the entire front end parts (full air suspension++) replaced, along with the steering rack previously. Spent about $10k this last 12 months. Definately quality/longevity issues in these...
    I'm definately not a happy customer. Under 100k kms on it.
  • Did you get a Tesla loaner?
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