Solar Roof

Weatherization Warranty

I can't seem to find this on the site anymore, but have a copy that a Tesla sales rep sent me when initially inquiring about the solar roof.

Weatherization Warranty. Your Solar Roof will remain in place and prevent damage to your Home caused by the passage of wind, rain, snow, hail through your Solar Roof for 25 years from the date your Solar Roof is installed.

I live in a very hail prone area and this will be my 3rd total reroof in 8 years through insurance claims. Last 2 times I replaced with an impact resistant asphalt shingle (class 4), which hasn't held up to our hail storms. I see that these are rated class 3. The last 2 major hail storms, we got baseball to softball size hail, which I don't expect much to survive.

I'm curious what this warranty actually means? Will Tesla replace broken tiles due to hail under warranty? Or will I continue making insurance claims, and have to pay for Tesla to come out and replace broken tiles?
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