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Energy Bar, am I the only one who is having difficulty seeing it

I was just wondering if I am the only one who is having difficulty seeing the Energy Bar. It’s so thin, it’s next to impossible for me to see it especially when regening. I am red green colour blind, and I think if Tesla were to make the bar a bit thicker I would be able to see it better. Does anyone know if there is a setting I can change to make it thicker?


  • that's all going to change in the next update. everything important is too small. screen will be configurable
  • yes that is an issue for me too. I am also reg green color blind. the worst "update" was to the seat heaters. it now shows 3 squiggly lines when on, but it's super difficult for me to tell if it's on 1,2 or 3 since the color is not perceptible to my eyes. i have to carefully click and guess which one I'm set to...very annoying!!
  • Me too! Thanks for reporting. I am red green too.
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