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Taycan 4S has fastest ever EV Cannonball Run



  • > @FISHEV said:
    > > @SbMD said: > Go back and re-read for comprehension what I have written. "
    > I'll stick to the financial statements, sales figures, EV and auto media articles and analysis vs. your "assessment".
    > Taycan big success for Porsche and EV's, the ultimate car company makes the ultimate EV.
    > But that's just by the numbers.

    Same here. That's why you are wrong. But don't worry... you've got time to catch up to me and the rest here.

    Now, I certainly wouldn't see the point in telling you that Porsche is not "the ultimate car company". I would instead welcome you to the 1980s.
  • > @lbowroom said: > What numbers?

    These record sales numbers.

    “Porsche Taycan Sales To Exceed Target Of 20,000 This Year”

    “Automotive News reports that global demand for the Taycan has outstripped Porsche’s expectations. “

    “Double-digit return on sales despite the uncertain situation. The new 911 and our electric sports car, the Taycan, impressively demonstrate our innovative strength, and their sales figures have exceeded our expectations.”
  • So first off, how is that a record? That’s like me saying I can walk to my fridge in 30 seconds and then make it in 25. What record did I set?

    Secondly, wasn’t the initial target 40,000 units? Now revised to 20?

    Thirdly, a good portion of those 20,000 are still unsold on dealer lots, they’ve only been sold to the dealerships.
  • If the pandemic slowed down Tesla sales, just imagine what the 500,000 number would have been!
  • > @lbowroom said: > Secondly, wasn’t the initial target 40,000 units? Now revised to 20?"

    Nope...see all the links above.
  • We can all agree that using EA chargers, the Porsche Taycan was able to achieve the best ever EV Cannonball run.
  • The shortest elapsed time, sure
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