Model 3

My power lift trunk won’t work

I have the recent Model 3 with automatic open/close trunk. The power lift stopped working 2 days ago. When it open makes 2 chimes noise, when I press the button to close it won’t close, but it makes the 2 chimes noise again.


  • Might need service. Try this - open the trunk and manually lift it up to the top position. Press and hold the close button for 5 seconds - it should beep. Then tap the button to see if starts working.
  • Thanks, I just tried that and nothing :-(
  • Stop in at the service center showroom place and talk with them about it.
  • I have the exact same problem right now... opens up then 2 beeps. It won’t close again unless I push it down myself.

    We’re you able to get it figured out?
  • Did you try scroll reset?
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