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?'s regarding the manual and driver profiles

It has been many months now, and many re-boots, etc., but I still can't get the manual in the car. The overview headlines appear, but no details or pages ever show up. Suggestions? Second question---in the driver profiles. how can I delete profiles?

2017 S 90D. Thank you.


  • Schedule a service appointment. Could be an MCU1 issue.

    Meanwhile you can access the PDF version of the manual here:

    This includes instructions for deleting a driver profile.

    I never use the manual in the car, I have the PDF on my computer and iPad.
  • The manual is not stored in the car. It is downloaded every time that you access it.
    That means you need a good connection to the server.
  • EV----I looked on-line at the manual referenced above with no luck. It was the same info contained in the manual I printed out when I got my car----neither explain how to delete a profile in the driver profile section (or, at least I missed it).
  • You’re right, I just checked the manual and I don’t see any instructions for deleting the profile. If the driver profile screen that lets you enable Easy Entry or link the profile to a key doesn’t have a delete option, there probably isn’t one. I guess you could always do a Factory Reset and recreate everything else, but that seems a bit drastic.

    I’ll look the next time I’m in the car.
  • In error, we ended up with driver profiles 7 and 8. We were setting up a new profiles named "winter 1" and "winter 2" as was recommended a few weeks back in another thread (our normal profiles adjusted for when it was snowing). And somehow, we don't know how we did it, we ended up with profiles "7" and "8" as well. What I may do is just adjust them both so that one mirrors my normal profile and the other mirrors my wife's normal profile. In reality, there is no harm---I was just trying to clean up the driver profile screen from profiles we didn't need.

    Thanks for your help and looking into it for us.
  • If you go to your list of Driver Profiles, when you tap on one of the profiles, it should give you the option to delete it.
  • spineeric----we don't get a delete option. We got the 90 D in September of 2017 (think they had about 4 dozen of them in CA in inventory at the time-----so guessing they were produced earlier in the year), and perhaps the delete feature wasn't available for these cars.
  • I have a different car than you, but I agree with spineeric above. Go to list of Driver Profiles and tap on the the one that you wish to delete. Then tap on the name of the Profile as if you wished to edit the name. Then the Delete option will appear.
  • red----just tried it again. We do not get a delete option no matter what we do. We can get a 'save' and 'restore,' but no delete. Thanks for trying to help though----greatly appreciated.
  • It doesn't make sense that Tesla would not include deleting a profile based on the battery pack. I totally believe you that you don't have the option. Did you ever have the ability to delete a profile? Did you reboot? I figure you already rebooted but thought I'd ask. Very strange.
  • Oh yes----many reboots (not for this, but for other typical things). We never had the ability to delete a profile------we can, and always could, make changes to existing profiles, and 'restore' changes to existing profiles. But we have never seen a delete option----that either of us can recall anyway. It wasn't something we were ever looking for until recently, so I guess it could have been there previously and we just never noticed it. What also doesn't make sense is that the manuals (original one I printed out when we got the car and updated versions on-line) don't mention anything about deleting a profile.

    As I said, it isn't a big deal at all. I never go into the Driver Profile section anyway, so the fact that drivers 7 and 8 are listed there is really a non event. I was just curious if there was a way to delete them.

    Once the covid is over I will swing by a SC and get their take. I only live 10 miles from one and I will literally be going past it several times a week when we resume babysitting the grandsons at my sons house once we get our vaccines.
  • Deleting a driver profile.
    Software version 2020.48.30

    Press the profile select icon at the top of the screen.
    A menu of profiles will be displayed.
    At the bottom of the menu is the selection to go to the edit profile screen.
    Tap it
    Tap the profile that you want to delete.
    A huge delete button appears to the right of the profile.
    I stopped at that point because I don't have any profiles that I want to delete.
    Tap the delete button and let us know what happens.
  • If you don't see the Delete option, you're looking in the wrong place. Tap the driver profile icon, then tap Driver profile settings at the bottom of the drop-down list. That opens a new window where you can add, rename, or delete profiles. There's no way you don't have that feature.
  • Murph---we have tried that probably 2 dozen times--unfortunately, we don't get the 'edit profile' option. Instead, at the bottom of the screen we get a 'driver profile settings' option only. And when we tap that, nothing about delete ever shows up----in fact, it is because we hit this option that we ended up with profiles 7 and 8.

    In our car the profiles get edited/changed when we change something (seat, mirror, etc) and the options of 'restore' and 'save' pop up. We can then hit save if we want to make the change/edit to our profile, or hit restore to go back to the original profile setting (or do nothing , and a few seconds later the options disappear and it automatically goes back to the original profile settings.

    Thanks for trying to help out though----it is appreciated.
  • No one is giving up on you yet! When you tap the profile at the top of your screen, the menu of profiles appear (as murphyS90D says), and at the bottom of that list you see Driver Profile Settings, yes? If you tap Driver Profile Settings that will take you to your list of profiles. Do you get to that page where all 8 profiles are listed? If so, tapping on any profile that is listed takes you another window. You can rename the profile there. You should also see a Delete button.

    I think all of our cars allow you to Save or Cancel any changes you make to your seat position, steering wheel position, A/C, heat, seat heaters, mirrors in real time.

    As a final attempt, I can send you a short video showing the steps for me. Shoot me an email: [email protected]
  • EV---think your post was coming thru as I was responding to Murph. Since it was you posting---a person I respect from all your prior posts and help----I had my wife come with me again for one last attempt following the instructions from everyone above.

    Bottom line-----you folks are right and I am a boob. Made my wife saw what I was doing wrong within seconds. Turns out I wasn't getting one screen to scroll down so I could tap profiles 7 and 8 to get the delete option to pop up. She did the scrolling, and lo and behold............

    Thank you all for your patience----I apologize for any confusion I created.
  • Glad to hear you got it.
  • @mcmack15 - We've all had days like that. Great to see that you figured it out!
  • spineeric----thanks a million for your help and offer to send a video---just great support for a fellow forum member. Thanks for offering to go that extra mile. I didn't see your post previously as it was in transit as I was typing out my response above.

    I just messed up the scrolling---I mean really messed up. I probably attempted to scroll that box at least 6-10 times, and it never moved. I do the same thing on my phone frequently as well-----think I just don't apply enough pressure with my finger.

    I look at this forum as a big group of friends (for the most part), that will just never meet up. There are certainly many I would enjoy having an ice cold bottle of beer with while watching a game------and that includes everyone above.
  • We’re all happy when it turns out well. 🙂
  • ....and not once did anyone say it was user error....I should have offered the video sooner.😀
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