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Battery icon update Tesla 3

This last update for my Tesla three included making the white screen on the left side of the touchscreen larger in my map smaller. I don’t feel this is a positive change but I can live with it. The thing I can’t live with is why would they change the battery icon from green to gray? Now it’s very hard to tell how much my battery is actually holding and when it gets down to a low level will it go to orange or red? This seems counterintuitive, the color is easy to identify with a quick look inside that looks cool. Bring back the green.


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    New Display Layout is Horrendous
  • > @ajcajs_98482878 said:> Bring back the green.”

    Agree and make it larger with per cent and miles displayed and below it Projected Range based on last 30 miles with per cent and miles.

    @ajcajs_98482878, you should start a new topic “Click Like to Bring Back Green Batt” and tell people to “Like” Yes for green or “Abuse” for No.
  • And you probably shouldn't listen to biggest troll on this forum since 2016.
  • It's not easy being green.
  • I managed to hit yellow the other night for the first time in my wife’s 2020 M3SR+. Did not hit red.
  • It does still go yellow (~20%/60 miles on LR) then red (~5%/15 miles on LR). While the contrast of the green was nice, it's not like it's easy to tell from the image what your SOC is with any accuracy.
  • But why change it at all?
  • Bc they can
  • May have been changed to keep color for most important items m/info on screen?
    Just a guess.
    I liked the green, but don’t need it since it’ll still go yellow and red, and I still can see my battery percentage.
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