Model X

MCU failures

There have been incidents that the MCU does not power on, like for 5 mins and still a no-power blackscreen, sound lost (streaming, radio, signaling), and sudden signal drop (4 bars to suddenly no connectivity at the same spot) and would require a soft reset (holding both scroll wheels) to resolve. May be not affecting driving but I cannot access the MCU to open the garage too :(. I scheduled for an appointment for that MCU emmc check and replacement but the appointment got cancelled without my confirmation. Tesla service left a message saying they have done a remote analysis, 2 weeks after the previous incident, and claimed it was working at that time (of coz it would, else I won't be able to open my garage for a while) and said they have therefore cancelled my appointment.
I would like to confirm if these signs/incidents more due to the emmc chip failure on the MCU? My model X is the Oct 2017 model. I have book another appointment again about this issue since MCU just failed to start again few days ago and hoping they don't cancel again.


  • I have driven my model X only for 356 miles...

    Today my screen went black, not able to signal and the front dashboard "screen went black" too. I was about to pull over to a safer location, then the power came back on and continue to drive home.

    This would have been very scary if it happened at night and lost the headlight.

    I have reported my problem using my mobile and got a scheduled mobile dispatch to my place on Friday, Jan. 15th, 2021.
  • If you are still under warranty, there is a “warranty adjustment program” that covers this. There is also a NHTSA request for a recall on this.
  • @timleynes - How new is your car? For 356 miles, it sounds like a 2020 or 2021 model X? @Redmiata's advice doesn't apply to newer cars. It was an issue for those made before March 2018 that have MCU1.

    The screen going "black" was a reset. Is there any chance you pressed both scroll wheels in at the same time? That is one way to force a reset. There may be something else going wrong which service can take a look at the logs. Note that the car does not need the MCU to drive. If your headlights were on, they would have remained on. Still, it can be disconcerting to not see the speed and other functions.
  • The first poster has a 2017, the program applies to those manufactured prior to March 2018.
  • Go to the Tesla web page under Support and Warranty Adjustment Program.
  • So my 2017 that I got in Dec has had the MCU freak out a few times and now has frozen up on me while driving. Its a bit disconcerting. I took it in for a service appointment. Also I have the older MCU, and was told If I wanted the careoke one I'd have to pay full price for it. So I guess they are attempting repair or replacement with the older MCU. Still waiting on results though.
  • Tesla has until 27 Jan 21 to reply to NHTSA 13 Jan 21 letter asking for a reply on the inquiry on the longevity if the NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor with an integrated 8GB eMMC NAND flash memory device. Tesla’s current Warranty Adjustment only commits to “repair or replace” the same 8GB part when it fails. NHTSA projects the lifetime of the part @5-6 years. My fingers are crossed that Tesla does a recall and replaces the part with the larger memory module rather than just repair.
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