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Body Difference in Model S Long Range versus Performance

I am considering buying a model S and am completely stuck on which version to get of the 2021 model. My coworker has the performance S and the car looks amazing, but I don't think I need that kind of performance. I would, however, like the car to look nice and can't deny that the 21 inch wheels and red brake calipers add so much to the appearance.

Assuming you get the long range version and add the 21 inch wheels and tire, are there any other differences in the appearance of the car. Here is what I could find on other forums:

- The red calipers come with the performance. If you get the long range with the tire upgrade, is there any other difference? Are the rotors different? Are the tires different?

- There seems to be a spoiler on the performance but it looks like you can purchase this after market as well.

- The interior trim has the option for carbon fiber trim.

Am I missing anything else? Does the car sit lower? Does it come with a Dark Helmet bobble head? Anything else??


  • Performance has the red calipers but comes with 19" wheels and no spoiler. Same body. Same options.
  • @gridley1950_98127603 Thank you, but if I get the 21" carbon wheels added to the long range, will the tires be the same type? will the rotors be the same size? Or is it only the red calipers?
  • Not sure what 21" tires are offered but rotors are the same (I believe). Just the red Brembo calipers are different.
  • I was in the exact position and elected to take the long range model S, without the red brake calipers.

    They sure do look sharp.

    But I am not disappointed in my decision.

    You will appreciate the longer range because you will never get the 400 mile range unless you drive like an old woman, on a flat highway, in perfect weather conditions.

    And holy cow is the long range fast with more than enough torque.

    Ludicrous speed is ludicrous, feels like a roller coaster, and makes me a little sick in the stomach just like a roller coaster.

    But those red brake calipers sure do look nice.

    Also, I prefer the wood trim in the long range compared to the carbon fiber on the performance.
  • > @Mayerson said:
    > Also, I prefer the wood trim in the long range compared to the carbon fiber on the performance.

    Aren’t they available in both? My plaid reservation has the cream interior with the wood.

    The all Black and Black & White both come with Carbon Fiber. The Cream gets the light Oak Wood.

    But these things are in a constant state of flux so.....
  • If you order online, there are extremely limited options for either LR or P;

    1. Color;
    2. 19” silver or 21” grey wheels (no 19” grey); and,
    3. with or without FSD.

    That is all the options available
  • ^And the interior choices which OP is discussing.
  • I just placed my order for a Long Range + after getting a Performance loaner to test drive for two days. The loaner was offered to me to buy with a $14,230 discount. Very tempting, but I declined for a few reasons. The car had 21" wheels. Those wheels cost an extra $4500 and come with Sport tires totally unusable in winter weather. Also, they are much more prone to being damaged by potholes, etc.

    Then there's the issue of the additional power. As many have said, the "standard" power that comes with the Long Range + is enough to knock your hat off. Never-the-less I tried Ludicrous. Holy crap!!!!! I thought the front end was going to lift off and I almost passed out (literally). The G-force must have slammed my aging brain up against the inside of my skull hard enough to cause a near blackout. In fact, I'm sure I would have blacked out if I hadn't backed off a mere 2 or 3 seconds after putting the pedal to the metal.

    That was the crowning blow. I really don't want to spend an extra $20,000 or so for a car that has features I be crazy to use. That said, there are obviously plenty of people who want those options........ or at least they think they do when they're placing their online order.

    I have to add here that it's kind of crazy that there are people driving around in cars with WAAAAYYYYY more power than they have the ability to handle safely.
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