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battery balancing?

with some battery types, it is important to periodically balance the pack. is there any best know practices for balancing Powerwalls (annually, semi-annually, never...)?


  • Battery management with PWs is totally opaque to the owner. As with other manufacturers (I'm looking at you, Apple), Tesla marketing probably feels that we're not smart enough to be given the ability to closely manage what we paid our hard-earned money for.

    That kind of arrogance really stews my fruit.
  • I don't know that it is arrogance in this case. I'd suspect the majority of folks using a Powerwall don't really know enough or care enough to need that visibility (as long as the system is working well) so it doesn't seem like a good investment from a time and cash perspective for them to expose and/or document.

    I'd like to have it personally, but I won't lose sleep either not having it.
  • Tesla has some of the best battery management software of any vendor. It's why the batteries last so long. Pack balancing is done automatically. Manual control would mean some would do it too often and some not at all - both resulting in battery degradation. I'm not aware of any phones that guarantee the batteries for 10 years, like the Powerwall batteries.
  • Yeah. I don't lose sleep over it either, but it's just the principle of the thing. As a BSEE, I'm more than capable of micromanaging it myself. I'd just like the ability to do so, and would be more than happy to sign a waiver and/or NDA.
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