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Homelink For Gate



  • That wasn't the name of the gate that was the name of the motor unit. It even comes with a liftgate remotes so I'm sure there's just another step I need to do or the stars just need to align when you are programming.
  • @Tronguy - Are you saying that HomeLink in a Tesla might work differently from HomeLink in other vehicles? The OP said that other people successfully programmed their HomeLink units to open the same gate, so HomeLink supports that gate opener.
  • @EVRider: No, not that. I think that Homelink _probably_ works the same in all vehicles. However, Homelink, in general, is probably not compatible with _everything_ that's out there; for all I know, there might be different point releases of Homelink. So, figuring out what it is that the OP is trying to talk to can move this thread forward, that's all. Maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, is all I'm saying.
  • Opened up the box with a key from public works. It had a communication button which turned out to be the learn button. It took 3 times but finally worked.
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