Tesla - $25,000 Sports Car?



  • > @bob_saltzer_98342246 said:

    > So now, difference of opinion is spamming is it?
    > Ideas need be researched, not bashing the one with the idea.
    If any progress is to be made we can't shoot the messenger, else ideas won't be presented anymore?
    > You act like nobody's got a right to an opinion that's different from yours.

    Everyone IS entitled to their own opinions and even to offer suggestions/creative input that, potentially, could help to move Tesla's underlying agenda of transitioning the world from polluting, conflict riddled, environmentally destructive, ecologically poisoning fossil fuels over to clean, renewable, sustainable energy to help make the world a better, healthier and cleaner place for all.

    But you're not fooling anyone, Sandy, as it's clear that you're just here spamming the forum in the act of belittling the superiority of Tesla's axial flux motors/just electric propulsion in general over that of ICE propulsion and insinuating that Tesla got it wrong by disguising your anti-EV propaganda as merely objective analysis and opinion.

    > I'm looking 3 or 4 generations forward, is Blue? Is Elon?

    Given the industries he's founded it is pretty clear to those who're paying attention that Elon is "looking" even farther ahead than that, as am I.

    > @bob_saltzer_98342246 said:
    > I've been saying Axial Flux motors should be explored along with the current Radial Flux designs.

    In-wheel/hub electric motors are nothing new and have been around since 1884:

    Albeit even in the current, so-called 'modern' configuration:

    As I've been, futilely, attempting to explain to you they've been assessed for use as a means of EV propulsion a long, long time ago and they were determined simply not suitable for an automotive platform.

    So get a clue, buy a vowel, phone a friend, whatever, but move on already, sheesh!

    > @bob_saltzer_98342246 said:
    > I know who you voted for.

    Then you know that I voted for Biden and Harris.

    In closing I, again, ask that you please take your propaganda and disinformation campaigns elsewhere/to those with whom you might find a more receptive audience.

    Perhaps one of the many antiquated ICE vehicle forums, or, just back over to Protean or Magnax or Lordstown, wherever the hell you're from?
  • BTW, Bob, you do know that I only rattle the cages of you and the other trolls (and propagandists and full-of-shitters) who plague this forum every now and then just to provide me with the opportunity to draw you out into the light and expose you for what you actually are so that everyone around here can see for themselves...yes?

    And in case you didn't know, well, now you do. :-)
  • Elon has been very clear about he view of bleeding edge battery and motor technology - he's not interested in the least. He pushes the window on proven tech - no pouch batteries, solid state, unproven chemistries for him - I'm paraphrasing, but the quote is roughly "We took what already existed and optimized it with a battery management system. Lots of people have lots of ideas. Bring them to me when they already work because I have to build something right here, right now."

    Tesla is still selling cars today that employ twenty-nine-year-old 18650 Panasonic battery tech (introduced in 1992) that is found every in 18-volt Makita power drill ever sold, with some slight evolutionary tweaks. The genius of Tesla (and SpaceX and PayPal and every other Elon venture) isn't inventing stuff. It is taking stuff that is fully developed and seeing ways to use it that no one else has envisioned - and then taking it to a whole other level - extending and expanding the window. It isn't inventing as much as it is creativity. Because it is about volume and time to market, along with reliability. Go too cutting edge and you end up on the cutting floor. There was almost nothing new in the 2012 MS. But everything was new because of the way it was put together. All of the technology existed for years. A group of geniuses put it together.

    When Elon tries to actually invent something new is where he gets into trouble - and I suspect he knows it. He got way over his skis on self-driving, has had to modify the definition several times, and it is now apparent that his promise that existing FSD cars will morph into no-driver-needed taxi-capable vehicles cannot and will not be met. I love my "FSD" X, including its auto-driving assist features, but man is it bad at executing some of the basic driving functions that it purports to be able to handle. And vision? Goes blind in the slightest rain or whenever it turns on the wipers, saying "Take over immediately CAMERAS OBSCURED". I think that Elon now knows that the future of tech is hazy and that the best route is to execute a business plan using ONLY that which is in hand and known to work. Let someone else invent the next motor, battery, suspension, tire tech, etc.
  • Maybe east coast rain is more obscuring than west coast rain? I've never gotten the camera obscured message here in California in the rain. To be fair, I do keep my car fairly clean and wash it about once a month. Perhaps if a car is very dirty/muddy, when it rains it obscures all the cameras.

    The FSD beta videos are also very impressive, but I don't have it myself. Yes, FSD a far more complex problem than Elon originally expected, but considering no one else is further ahead in an obtainable vehicle, that's quite an accomplishment. Consumer Reports 2021 analysis of 17 automaker's systems rates Tesla #1 In Capability and Performance - and this is the existing system, not the new 4D FSD beta.

    It was also interesting to see one owner's tests with blinding different cameras and radar and having FSD still work. There is a lot of sensor redundancy in the system.
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