Model S

Sudden battery loss of 90 km after a factory reset.

Hi, At the end of December 2020 I had issues with my Model S P85+ (all screens going dead on the road after 50 km on every trip ) from 2014, and Tesla service recommended a Factory reset. As I drove out of the Tesla garage I notice that my charge was 340 KM range and the Tesla employee told me that they recharged the car. As I arrived home I fully charged the car to check the capacity and found out that I was at a 370 KM maximum. The day before the factory reset I was at 460 Km ( originally at 501 Km in 2014). Yesterday as I asked to check the batteries, I was told that they were fine and that a new upgrade took 25 KM away for safety, and that the battery cooler new software take a lot more power than before ( I don't see how that lower capacity ) and that I should use %. instead of KM range. A drop of 90 KM in one day and being told that it is dues to an upgrade is hard to buy-in. My issue is that at the current temperatures ( 2 to 5° c) the car tells me that I will not reach my usual destination ( 250 Km away from home). The car is 6 years old but has only 54,000 Km and has been charge fully about 10 times. Anybody else having this issue? ( The Tesla employee that explain it all to me yesterday had no real knowledge about what he was talking about not being a mechanic and was trying to repeat what he was told). The factory reset has solved the Screen issue ( MCU seems ok I was told).


  • I suspect the range calibration was lost in the reset. I'd try a recalibration. Discharge down to < 20% (there is no rush on this, and it can be over many days). Then charge to 100%, and note the range when it gets to 100% within an hour. If you wait 4-8 hours, it will have already discharged some mileage and perhaps a lot depending on what options you have on, like Scheduled departure. Your car is too old to have Summon standby or Sentry mode, both of which take a lot of power (1 mile/hour).

    They are right that the battery climate control can take more energy - heat or cooling in low or high temperatures. Still, when charging it shouldn't matter much.
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