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New 2021 model 3 issues



  • Sheesh. FISHY is present. Public Service Announcement:
    FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
    names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
    take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
    suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt
    about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.
    It's unlikely that Fish owns or drives a Tesla except, once or twice, a rental (which is probably how he/she/it got on the forums.) It's also considered likely that the entity is an employee, or number of employees, at a shill farm, hired to disrupt the forums. Or may be a shortie troll, trying to push the stock price down.
    Fishy has a certain mode of "making mountains out of molehills" in order to disrupt and disturb owners, especially new owners. Attempting to separate fact from fiction with this troll isn't worth the effort.
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