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Car Locking when at home

A few soft updates ago I set the "Auto-Lock Car" to NOT Lock when it's at home. All worked perfectly until the last couple of updates. Now it seems to work correctly at first when I leave the car. i.e. it does not lock when it's in the garage (home). But if I don't drive off for a time and then return, for instance the next day (without the key in my pocket) I find the car locked. I checked the setting and it's correct. I'm currently running 2020.48.20.

To make matters more interesting – and weird! – I was sitting in my office at my desk, with my iPhone right next to me, when I heard a soft "ding" followed by Seri announcing "I am now locking your car." This also has happened a couple of times.

So, the question is: Is this a new "feature," or can someone tell me how to fix it? Is there a new setting somewhere that I might have overlooked? I really like leaving the car unlocked in the garage.


  • No shortcuts or 3rd party app access to your vehicle?
  • @bottesini, your setup must have some "other" stuff going on. Are you using EV Car with Google or Alexa? Are you using the Remote for Tesla app and maybe some Siri shortcuts? How about Apple watch and some shortcuts there? I am not having the same issues that you are.
  • My Model S is set to not lock at home. I’ve found that after the last few updates, the car would be locked, but after rebooting it worked as expected (I always reboot after updates).

    I haven’t noticed the same issue in my wife’s Model 3, but I usually have my phone with me so I might not notice.
  • How does the car know where "home" is? I set it to not lock at "home" and it doesn't work.
  • Touch the Navigate button and there should be a Set Home link if you haven’t set it yet. See the manual if you need more help.
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