Model X

Where do I hand my suit jacket in my X?

Perhaps I am a dinosaur - I still wear a suit every day and am on the road a good bit, so need someplace to hang my suit jacket. I got hooks for the back on the seats, but they are not high enough and the jacket drags on the floorboard. I need something to hang the hanger on. Does anyone have a solution for this issue?

Thank you.


  • II bought some nice clips that insert behind the front seat.
  • Thanks hilliard528_98661406 - I got the same hooks, but my suit jacket still hangs down on the floorboard.
  • You must be tall. I just lay the clothing flat in the trunk with the third row folded down. It's not the greatest option but it's the best I've got.
  • If you want to throw caution to the wind, you should find that there are plastic covers on the edge of the falcon wing doors where they meet the ceiling. You can pull them down and hook a hanger from the cover. Someone earlier thought they were designed to hang things but it is likely they would break at some point.
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