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GM is trying too hard?



  • > @jordanrichard_629778 said:
    > At the sales rep's level, a commission is a commission. The same goes for the F&I rep. Go to any Chevy, MB, Audi dealership and they sell all brands as used cars. They just need to move/finance metal. It's the dealership owner(s) that care because the front of the house isn't where they make most of their money.
    > though time is money and the owners don't want to have their people tied up teaching people about EVs.

    There are always more than enough sales people at the stealerships to not have to worry about this or that salesperson being "tied up" with running their sales spiel/answering potential buyers questions.
  • > @blkice said:
    > Compared to a twin turbo 24valve motor with variable valve timing, variable compression ratio and a 10speed automatic transmission an EV will be easy to work on.

    Which is, really, where they make the most of their money after the sales commission, i.e., after sales warranty and service work.

    > @blkice said:
    > That’s a problem for dealerships and that is really sick in a lot of ways

    Could you elaborate on this a bit to help ensure that I understand what you're saying? TIA
  • > @father_of_6 said:
    > @"blue adept" - I should clarify.... ICE manufacturers and their dealerships make a *lot* of money on service/maintenance/aftermarket parts. Dealerships especially... I ws surprised to learn they make more on services than sales. EVs have less maintenance, so this transition hurts their existing business model significantly.

    Now I get it and I think that that is what @blkice & @jordanrichard_629778 were also getting at, in a round-a-bout fashion, by leaning into the impact of EV's on ICE "stealerships" from the "sales" side of the dealership racket when they were actually focused on the 'after sales' service and warranty work.

    Yes, it does pose a bit of a quandary for them as the high efficiency and relative simplicity of design of EV's renders the 'backroom boys' pretty much obsolete, doesn't it?!

    All the same I don't think that they'll necessarily have to "trade" their existing business models so much as they'll need to 'adapt' them to be compatible with the new era of automotive commerce.

    But then 'change' is as much of an inescapable inevitability as it is the one 'constant' in existence. It is the way that 'Evolution' works because that is the way that 'Life' works and one (Tesla) shouldn't have to be demonized for only doing what comes naturally.
  • Calidude, sorry to disagree with you, but the BMW i3 much uglier than the Bolt.
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