AM Radio

Based upon a review of prior posts, may I conclude that a.m. radio is not possible?

Disappointing because from Philadelphia I am accustomed to using KYW news radio every morning.

It will be missed unless someone knows of a “workaround”

I purchased a 2021 MS on 12/31/20


  • No?
    No what?
    There is no workaround?
  • Tesla discontinued AM radio in all it's cars back in 2018. While I'm sure it's technically possible, it seems to be a dying format. Other performance EVs like the Taycan have also dumped AM radio. Even when Tesla had AM radios, it was not great, as the interference from all the electronics added noise and reduced the reception distance. You see a lot of complaints about AM radio quality from those EV manufacturers that still include AM, like the Bolt.

    You can often find alternates either on FM alternate HD channels, as many AM content is simulcast there. In addition, many stations are also available on Tunein, the streaming service in your Tesla.
  • 103.9 FM is now KYW 1060 AM
    Thank you Steven!
  • Many, but by no means all, AM stations are simulcasting on one of the subchannels on HD FM stations. And, of course, low-power public information stations are not.
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