Battery, some sites claim lower range CT's may use Lithium Iron.

Some sites, and youtube videos are claiming it is possible Tesla may use Lithium Iron on the lower range Cybertruck's.

Personally I'm OK with this as I think Lithium Iron batteries charge from 100% to 0% without damage and have more lifetime cycles. Getting 100% of 300 miles vs 20% off the top and bottom (40%) of 500 miles, makes the 300 mile dual motor CT if it has Lithium Iron more of a net positive. Is there something I'm missing? 60% of 500 is 300. Keeping between 80% and 20% or going to 100% and down to near zero gives comparable daily mileage.

The 500 mile CT may be best for long range driving or hauling.


  • Well, anything is possible, but this seems unlikely. Tesla has a new battery that has made it through an extensive testing regimen that meets all its needs. Some new battery technology will have to go through years of testing before any commitment.

    I've also found most new battery breakthroughs to end up failing in some key metric. Maybe it charges quickly but also dies quickly. Works fine at 70F, but is destroyed in sub-freezing weather. The automotive environment has some of the harshest conditions and requires extensive validation before being successful.
  • Thanks for your thought. Though if this helps, the new battery form factor may not dictate battery chemistry. My understanding is Tesla is moving all batteries over time to the new size, regardless of chemistry.
  • Possible. We dont really know what actual chemistrys will be used other than what was presented on battery day, which was presumed that cybertruck would be weight sensitive and require high nickel.
  • I saw a video claiming they were going to use EVOO and oregano in the battery.... Let's spread this rumor to the point that it becomes fact.......... That is how it works, right.

    What is more credible is that the CT will have the 4680 cells.
  • @jordanrichard - I guess using oregano could make for a nice smelling battery. That's one attribute I hadn't considered :)
  • It's the little things TT...... :-)
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