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Computer/screen off in the morning

Hi, model 3 new owner here. I took delivery a couple of weeks ago. It didn’t have this issue in the first week. However, I started having the issue of the screen/ computer wouldn’t come on/ start in the morning when I get into the car. ( car is plugged in overnight with sentry mode deactivated and car unlocked) The car locks and unlocks normally. I can shift the car into gears and drive it without the screen. The seat memory wouldn’t work while the screen is off. Pressing both steering wheel buttons for 10 secs does not always reboot the computer right away. I would have to step out of the car. Lock it and re-enter and wait a min or so before the screen comes back to life. Does anyone have the same issue?

2021 M3 SR+
V10.2 2020.48.30


  • Probably time for a service appointment. That’s not normal.
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    I think it might be firmware related. I have noticed slower than normal screen boot up since the 48.30 update on my 2018 LR RWD.

    Just start driving, it will come on. Wait till the next update, if it still does it contact service...that's my plan.
  • Try unplugging your Sentry USB stick. If that fixes it you should reformat or replace the stick.
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