When can we expect our single motor CyberTrucks?

I ordered and paid the $100 deposit for a Cybertruck, single motor. Does anyone have any line of sight when we will get a call to pick up our order? When will Tesla have my Cybertruck produced and delivered?


  • No telling when. Only have the estimates as of now. Which is late 2022.
  • Did you see how massive that factory under construction near Austin? It is massive and taking shape very quickly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them rolling off the line by this time next year. Most likely by summer 2022.
  • They'll be delivering tri-motors later this year. Maybe even dual motors.
  • i think they moved that out to early 2022. But that the factory would be up and running by the end of this year, just not to a point of being able to deliver them yet.
  • Should see more prototypes out for testing later this year.
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