Model 3

Radar detector and installation

I am buying a radar detector to use on a couple of cross country trips. I am not really considering hardwiring because of the difficulty in doing so and because I will be using the detector infrequently on ling trips. So my option is to use the 12v power socket and run the detector cable to it through front console under the cup holders to the power socket console. I was hoping that I could drill a 1/2" hole to allow me to run the cable inside the consoles from front to back. My questions are: How dumb is this idea? Do I need to be concerned that I will drill into some important circuitry or component? Is connecting a radar detector to this power supply the most efficient way to do this? What could go wrong? Also I will be mounting the hopefully connected detector low on the windshield. I know that this is not optimal bu I hate to have wires hanging in my line of sight. Any comments? And finally, any opinions on which is best: the Uniden R3 or the Radensa XP?


  • I also use my detector for long trips only.

    I put some Velcro strips on the bottom of the detector (the "hook" half of the Velcro) and it sticks very well to the black fabric on the dash close to the windshield on the far left. It picks up signals fine from there.

    I route the power wire behind the display screen and into the lighter socket in the center console. You can still close the console door.
  • Well I wouldn't start drilling holes into my car interior but each to their own. If you will only be using this for longer trips why not just plug into the 12V and let the cable go behind the screen? Then you can remove at leisure and no holes!
  • I recently bought the Radenso XP and I’m happy with it; however, The Vortex Radar guy thinks the R3 may be the better choice.
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