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optional sound app for Roadster & maybe Model S

I just have a suggestion to consider, if you're not already for the roadster and possibly Model S. Add an optional sound app that can either go through the sound system or high fidelity head phone jack. That would reproduce the acceleration sound of formula one race cars engine noise corresponding to the Tesla electric motor acceleration. This would just give the auto enthusiasts that miss that powerful, guttural race engine sound, when they want it to go with the silence of a Tesla.


  • There are third party add-ons that can do this, and a few EVs like the Taycan and MachE offer it. So far most Tesla owners enjoy the silence as a great feature.

    While the public has been fooled into thinking noise relates to high power, it's really an indication of a poor design and indicates a waste of energy typical of ICE vehicles.
  • I thought this feature was announced for the Model 3/Y as something called The BOOMBOX feature, but requires the cars have an external speaker already installed.
  • @Wyle_E_Coyote - That's the legally required external noisemaker to alert pedestrians. All EVs (Tesla and others) must have this in cars made since September 2020. You can set your own sounds with the BOOMBOX feature. It does not pipe the sounds through the interior audio system.
  • Maybe the sound of a horse clomping down the road
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