Model 3

Recharge door no longer close

My unlocking cable for the recharging plug seems to be broken, so the plug doesn't lock and the door doesn't close anymore. Can I repair the cable myself?


  • Difficult, but why would you. Isn't your car still in warranty? Have Tesla fix it. You'd be dealing with lethal high voltage potential, so it's not a normal DIY project.
  • Charge port doors are having problems and are being replaced. Schedule a ranger appointment. I just had mine replaced.
  • I'm no longer on the warranty. What is defective is the charge port's release cable. The cable seems brooken, so my plug doesn't lock when I'm not charging
  • I had mine replaced under warranty and it took the serviceman around 20 minutes. You might be able to replace the existing one yourself, but if they only charge 1/2 of their time it might be worth the expense. I have no idea how much the part is though.
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