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NHTSA tells Tesla to fix it - via recall



  • I paid the $2,500 for the complete MCU Infotainment replacement in my 2013 Model S. Mine died and car became non functional and actually dangerous to drive with no visual data.. Much of the upgrades don't work for me since the new technology didn't exist in 2013. The screen is much sharper, and connection is much faster with LTE versus 3G so that is good. I do hope I get reimbursed for the $2,500 knowing now that it was a typical failure. I'm picking up a new Model Y 7 seater in a few weeks and putting new Solar panels with 3 Power walls on new home, so can't call me a fair weather customer. Fingers crossed.
  • @SolarMateY - Congrats on the new Y & Solar! While I have no advanced information, I expect Tesla may provide a $500 rebate on the MCU2 purchase - the cost of fixing MCU1 with a new daughterboard. Some didn't have the daughterboard option, so perhaps there will be a bigger rebate for the cost of MCU1. Going to MCU2 is a feature enhancement, so I don't expect they will cover the entire cost. I'm in the same boat. I guess we'll find out in the next 5 weeks or so.
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