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2017 S FSD MCU 2 100D LR Vibration.

I have 21’ and 19’ set of wheels. I purchased it in September 2020 and since vehicle has returned each month to correct the issue. Balancing is good.
The car has vibration and it is difficult to hold the steering wheel on distance travels. It feels like constant massage vibration holding steering wheel. SC is constantly overlooking the issue in past three appointments. They balance the wheels and send off the car. The situation is Odd and I cannot speak to technician due to SC COVID19 pickup drop off protocols. I have asked for a call back when technicians do the test drive if they need explanation. I submitted detail via app but it is not working. What do I do?.


  • check the upper control arms. the worn bushing will allow movement that creates vibration and very light thumping noise.

    vibration can happen if the fore link bushings are worn also.

    check the wheels for bends. normally a bent rim in the rear, you feel the vibration in the seat, front bent rim is at the steering wheel.


    since the issue is at the steering wheel, I would guess the issue is in front of the car.
  • I would be patient since the service center has lots of work to do to figure it out by switching out parts.

    fore links, control arms, ball joints, sway bar linkage, toe links, and control arms all have to be checked.

    I would be patient

    ps: you didn't mention if you used both sets of rims as a test
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