Route planning improvements

Dear Elon,

Can you please upgrade the route planner to include multi stop routing.

A lot of the journeys I do don’t have destination charging and therefore I’m having to use third party apps to try and plan my routes.
There has been a couple of times when I’ve miss calculated this a nearly run out of charge or had to sit on a third party slow charger, just so I can make it home.

It would also be good to have a choice of routes as the calculated route may be the shortest, but not always the simplest.

If route planning was also built into the Tesla app, we could plan our routes, then push them to the car when ready to leave.



  • Waypoints feature is already in the works
  • No one at Tesla monitors this forum.
  • Owners have been requesting multi stop routing (waypoints) for the Nav since the first Model S was delivered in June 2012. Obviously not a priority for Tesla and to say it's in the works is like saying "Tesla soon" which we have learned could mean anything between tomorrow and never.
  • Green The Only posted that code has already been added to enable waypoints. So it is definitely in development.
  • Is there a forum or feedback site that Tesla does monitor?
  • Twitter

    Elon begrudgingly accepted waypoints as desired by consumers.
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