Model 3

Tesla model 3 (New) RWD 2020 only gets around 110 miles or 190 km on full charge.



  • > @FISHEV said:
    > > @Sasteslaexperience said: > Wait, are u for real? If thats so i hope that is the problem."
    > Early RWD models had larger battery but were software reduced range with lower price.
    > Many who purchased 250 mile range never saw it as Tesla did not "reset" the software on the car. Yours is over a year old so that may be the issue.
    > Look at the cars window sticker and see what the Rated Range is on the sticker. If 250 and you only see 190 at full charge for rated range, the software lock may be the problem though 30% range loss in winter is the norm but that doesn't show in Rated Range.

    You conveniently missed that part where he states it is a NEW 3 bought in December...more twisting of the truth from the codpiece
  • Sheesh. FISHEV is present. Public Service Announcement:
    FISHEV is a known troll of several years standing and several user
    names who pushes an anti Tesla narrative. Please
    take his opinions with a grain of salt, avoid any advice he may
    suggest, and do not let him implant any Fear, Uncertainty, or Doubt
    about Tesla or your car into your own opinion.
    FISHY unlikely actually owns a Tesla. There's a strong suspicion that he/she/it is an employee, or a number of employees, at a shill farm.

    Next: I happen to drive a M3 LR RWD from 2018. In warm weather, it gets around 220-250 W-hr/mile; in cold weather, near freezing, on shortish-medium trips it gets around 320-350 W-hr/mile, slowly decreasing on longer trips as the cabin and batteries warm up, getting down to 270 W-hr/mile. Newer cars have a heat pump and improve on those numbers, at least for medium trips.
    You state you get 163 W-hr/km; using the good 'ol 1.609 factor, that gives you 262 W-hr/mile, which is actually pretty good for this time of the year. I blame the heat pump 😁.
    The range is what appears to be off. Seeing as you're in the EU, I think, you may have one of those China-built Teslas with a different battery system. There's been quite a bit furor over the past few weeks that the range estimator, or something (not quite clear, yet) may not be working quite right, causing multiple problems that the Service Centers and (I guess) Tesla engineering are working their way through. I strongly suggest you call this one into Tesla and don't take, "100 miles range is OK" as a serious answer. Maybe this will be solveable by simply soaking the car in a warm environment; maybe a reset of some piece of hardware or other; or maybe a software update, who knows?
  • @Tronguy has good advice. Here's a few adjustments to consider:

    The SR has 220 miles range, but with 19" tires and no inserts, that likely to be a 10% hit. 220/1.10 = 200 miles.

    Going from 95% to 4% means 9% wasn't used. 200/1.09 = 183 miles.

    You may lose about 30% due to cold weather. 183/1.30 = 141 miles.

    With three trips, that require reheating the cabin and battery, I can easily see another 30 miles lost (10 miles per trip).

    So 110 miles could easily be valid with your choices and how you use the car. As it warms up, and you go on a single trip you're going to get a lot more range.
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^ what Teslatap said. There have been lots of discussions concerning range and cold weather effects. I understand your frustration but cold weather is a B!
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