Is it just me or is Tesla customer service getting terrible?

I have been having issues with my 12v battery. It requests the car to wake up and charge it very often. I have the car in power save mode and no connect always.

When I raised the issue few months back. I had terrible customer service—> they agreed that there is an issue, rejected request for compensation for wastage of electricity and was rude at me for asking for compensation and put the onus on me to diagnose the issue (their issue wasted my car charge), tried to hide the issue, lied about the fix and finally compensated me with $300 as they agreed that during 12v install they screwed up on the configuration etc

I am having similar issue now, same experience now. They are trying to hide the issue with stupid reasonings, not answering to my queries and being rude over the phone. They have been trying to hide under the bush for lot of issues. I also sent my model s for service (mobile or service center) at least for 10 times in 2 years

I am sick and tired of Tesla now


  • If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired try Geritol.
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  • Nah, just you
  • While Tesla service has a backlog and it's difficult to get timely appointments at a local Service Center, mobile service appointments have better availability - and when we do get service on our S or X, Tesla service continues to be good - just not as pampered as in the early days, when they'd offer to pick up & drop off your vehicle, provide free Model S loaners and wash/vacuum before pick up.

    If the OP is raising issues and also pressuring Tesla to provide compensation, it's understandable it may be more difficult to get timely assistance from Tesla, since the moment compensation or claims of fault are raised, it changes the conversation from problem solving to liability protection (something front line staff are probably not authorized to deal with).
  • Has an ICE car mfg ever reimbursed an owner for fuel because the car was out of tune?

    I'm with @"stingray.don_98527447" .

    Not buying this story..
  • Give us a break mislead, most of us help when a concern is reasonably and rationally stated. When someone includes a phrase like: "I am sick and tired" they open themselves up to replies they deserve. We are trying to train them to take emotions out of their complaints so customer service does not have to listen to a bunch of whiny crybaby shit.

    Many people don't understand why they have a hard time communicating with CS. Imagine yourself sitting on the other end of the phone having to listen to a bunch of non relevant emotional BS all day long. This is the purpose of going to an app being first point of contact. A filter that requires efficient communication.
  • I’ve noticed mislead is kind of a dick.
  • You threw first stone mislead, trying to defend someone who needs to be trained to take emotion out of their whining. You attacked us for trying to help the OP, in our own style. Sorry if you don't find our input useful, that is on you.

    The "garbage service" narrative is BS from my personal first hand experience. They come out to my house and do just about anything I need and the guys have been first rate each time.

    I do not defend everything about Tesla and have voiced things I don't like about the company in the past but the car and the service are first rate in my experience.
  • good service is out there but not everyone is getting it so don't know why some get so offended when users report bad service, it's clearly an issue that won't be addressed by tesla if it's being defended and excused
  • The truth hurts.
  • > @mislead said:
    > good service is out there but not everyone is getting it so don't know why some get so offended when users report bad service, it's clearly an issue that won't be addressed by tesla if it's being defended and excused

    Yes, but IMO the "issue" is overblown by people like you and the posts they make.

    "tesla is an arrogant company with garbage service....fact, proven time and time again"

    You now this how? Random posts on the internet, consumer reports, biased media, or first hand poll that you performed yourself? The cars continue to sell like hotcakes and Tesla has a 90% satisfaction rating. A huge number of owners have bought before and/or owns more than one. The FUD is simply not believable based on truthful information.
  • The OP joined the forum just to post a rant and then walked away probably never to return. If you walk into a party and introduce yourself by dropping a turd in the punch bowl, you can’t expect a warm reception.
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  • Or should I say “troll.”

    Posted January 6
    All Tesla is worried about is Sales numbers. No one cares about What happens at service centers and customer service. Good luck getting this fixed..
  • > @Bighorn said:
    > I’ve noticed mislead is kind of a dick.

    I damn near spit out my wine.
  • I they went from first to worst
  • Thanks to those 5 guys for keeping it real.
  • I’m new to the Tesla game but I’ve had 2 mobile service visits. Both were just top notch. Super convenient. They called about 30 minutes before arriving (came right to my house but would have come anywhere)

    I have never had anything like this before with my previous vehicles. The app was so easy to use, the chat set up was great and I got confirmation emails along the entire exchange and everything was covered. The guy even offered to check tire pressure and tread (but my car was very new and thought it was a waste of time)
  • just had mobile service in Kelowna B.C......excellent service. They fixed and ordered more parts to fix the stuff the delivery centre in Vancouver were documented to fix prior to delivery but never bothered.
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