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Computer Crashed

Model 3 Computer Crashed
I was parked, opened the browser to go to, but I mistyped the web address as, which is basically Once I realized my mistake I started to change the web address and the computer crashed and rebooted. Hope the car's computer didn't get infected by What do you think?


  • Best to push the vehicle into the nearest lake and be done with it. You are lucky you weren't turned into part of the Borg!
  • Well, you are screwed. Now China owns your car.
  • Very funny responses, but nothing to worry about. If crashing continue try resetting the car from the settings. Just park somewhere and follow the instructions, I had crashing infotainment on a MS and this fixed it.
  • Rarely, the display computer will crash for random reasons - I've had it crash while driving down the road. Note that the car still drives fine because all the computers controlling driving/braking/etc are separate from the one that runs the display/browser/etc. So, I doubt that anything untoward happened (especially since Tesla offers rewards to hackers to try to find these kinds of security holes: ).

    Fortunately these days, it really is a rare event - I've seen it perhaps twice in the last year. Back in 2018, I wasn't surprised to see it twice in a month.
  • There is no such thing as computers or software failing randomly. You simply do not know the reason(s).
  • Your car has been infected with Covid. You must cover it with Purell and take it to a carwash.
  • I used the browser exactly one time a couple of years ago to test it out. It was horribly slow and crashed the computer. Can’t really see a use case to bother trying again.
  • > @calvin940 said:
    > There is no such thing as computers or software failing randomly. You simply do not know the reason(s).

    Agreed, except for Cosmic rays..... it’s a real thing.
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    And, adding my voice to @HAL2001's: speaking as a EE who does have to contend with these types of things, Cosmic Rays are a thing. Those things can flip bits and disturb stuff all the time. Hi rel gear runs more or less continuous checksums, looking for bit flips in EEPROM and RAM, and there's reasons along these lines for ECC RAM.
    People who put gear into airplanes that fly at altitude (no joke, more cosmic rays up there) have to worry about this kind of thing, quadruple for anything that goes into orbit or, worse yet, has to pass through the Van Allen belts.
    At one time, back in the day, Harris Corp used to make dead slow, 100 micron processors with very large transistors. Why? Because they were rad-hard and could be put on spacecraft on interplanetary trips with some assurance that they'd have a least a lower rate of bad operation. The reliability engineering on the computer systems 'way up there is something to behold.
    If any of you want a fun read, go look up the Oh My God Particle in Wikipedia.
  • Either or, both of them are china.
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