Model 3

Just scheduled mobile service visit.

Surprise, first available was in two weeks and not 30 days like Fishtroll claims all the time.


  • Actually it's even less 10 days from now.
  • Yeah, I have never waited longer than 2 weeks. Often under that.
  • I've dealt with Tesla service twice in two years, once for an upgrade (homelink) and once for an actual issue (firmware). Both times my appointment was about a week.
  • I was extremely happy with their service. Purchased homelink and scheduled service was 4 days at my house. 30 minutes and the tech was done. Efficient and very professional, even programmed the unit to my garage door for me.
  • This all sounds very reassuring. As I’ve posted before, my Teala salesman warned us service was a problem. We bought the car anyway (actually a lease) because it just won us over. I’ve dreaded needing any service ever since (about one month since we got delivery).

    Fortunately I haven’t needed anything done. Advice on this forum has helped many times. And I love what I’m reading here about service! Hope it’s this good in my area. Thanks!
  • Filed a service request last Thursday, mobile tech is scheduled for next Tuesday. Closest Service Center is 50 miles away, so I am quite pleased.
  • What do you need service for?
  • For my Tesla design flaw. Hahha
  • > @Spuzzz said:
    > What do you need service for?

    bluetooth connection.
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