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Towed twice in 2 days.....

I am a single mother and physician and need a reliable car. My 2 year old Model X was towed to one dealer and the been towed and the loaner was towed for a flat tire in the middle of NYC the very next day. I have not heard from service in 5 days despite multiple calls. Any advice, thoughts anyone can share? I think the idea of a luxury car service that works one way (they call you, you can't call them) is terrible. This may be a one-off horrible experience, but if I treated a single patient this way I would have no practice. Any advice?


  • That sucks. Hopefully, they got the loaner tire fixed and you have a ride. Not entirely sure you can blame Teslas for the flat tire, but definitely unfortunate in any car.

    Generally, if you don't hear from Tesla, they don't have it fixed yet. I'd guess 95% of issues are solved in a day, but some are more complex to fix and/or require a part that is not in stock. You can always send them a text for a status update.
  • No, my experience with their service is the same - it's terrible. "Call us and leave a message; we'll call you back, but you don't know when." They unilaterally set an appointment date/time without consulting me/my schedule.

    Maybe with more electric cars coming out of Detroit, they will get off their high service horse.
  • @Yankeedad1 - Use the Tesla app to set up appointments. It shows you all available slots and you can pick one that fits your schedule. You can describe your issue as well. Couldn't be easier. I've never heard of Tesla setting up random appointments, but I guess it's possible.

    I know some like the dealer model where you're on hold for getting an appointment and have no clue what slots are available. Then they try and upsell services you don't want or need.
  • Sorry to hear about this. I have a 2018 MX 100D and when I have tire problems, I take it to a local Big O tire store- they have fixed all of my tire problems and can get you new tires when the time is right. They offer same day service and they are very responsive (and in my neighborhood). For other issues, you will be at the mercy of the Service Center. My personal opinion (since I am a physician, too) is that you need a combination of an electric car and a gasoline car (or hybrid) backup in order to be sure you can get to work if one car or the other is in service. I alternate the cars every few weeks to keep them both active and tested and I have a battery "tender" to condition the hybrid battery and keep it charged when not in use. Having a backup reduces the anxiety of necessary transportation. In general, the electric cars will be more reliable and require less service than the gasoline ones, but there are always problems with any car.
    Mike P
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