Model X

Frozen MCU1 Tesla X, self switched on. Cannot go to work. Angry & sad.

I own 2018 Model X, last month of MCU1 production. I live in Poland, Europe.
I have various misbehaviours with MCU1, like screen freezing, no heating, black screen, of course, the browser is not working as promised (not working at all).
I have asked for repair, but it is not enough broken (not enough memory cells damaged in MCU1 or so), so Tesla warranty policy is that they can "clean" it but not replace. Kind of patches on patches.
Yesterday I parked my car, and it closed mirrors etc. after I left.
Today I want to go to work, and my Tesla is frozen but in the kind of working state. It displays 0km/h, P-mode, doors closed, screens lit. Cannot open it (both keys outside the car of course). Heating works (20% energy eaten this night, we have -6C here), rear lamps on. The application does not work nor car keys.
Finally, I have opened the hood and disconnected 12V battery to stop heating it as I was afraid of the main battery drain. But after reconnecting - all off, cannot open the car, screens off.

This is one of many strange failures I had. Another big one - car keys (remote) stopped working while skiing in Austria - I was lucky, having car start/open with the Tesla application enabled, so I used my smartphone to drive. Finally, the whole key system was replaced while in service in Berlin.

I was a Tesla addict, but I start to see that this is not a reliable car. At least not reliable enough. Here we do not have Tesla Service in every city; the nearest is 270 km from me. No weekend service (theoretically 24/7, but nobody picks up the phone).

Now I lost a day of work. But I can imagine I stop at the shop or on the road in winter and stay outside in the snow because my MCU1 or another part, which is faulty (but not yet enough faulty as for Tesla warranty policy) causes that.
My former cars (BMW, Mitsu Outlander PHEV, Porsche) never NEVER failed that way.
I wonder what they can do now with that dead Tesla. I live in the mountains, at the hill, there is a lot of snow, slippery surface. The car has a steering wheel fully turned right. How they plan even to take this car out of it's shed?
Maybe it is time to go for PHEV or Taycan.

Feeling really frustrated


  • It's still in warranty, but I don't know the Tesla towing policy in Poland. I've never heard of MCU1 failure making the car undrivable, but understand your concern. One option is going to MCU2. It's a big step up and makes the car similar to the new generation. Just depends if you like the car or not.

    Check the other car forums, and all the other cars you site have had major problems too at some time or another. The Taycan is too new to know how good/bad it is for reliability and service. Most Porsche owners love their cars but hate the very expensive service. I guess if you're considering a $200K car, service costs are not much of a concern.
  • I have solved that.
    It seems (my guess) that MCU1 caused my Tesla to start heating and be ready to drive during the night. That drained 12V battery.
    Today morning I tried to recharge 12V battery and my car started to work.
  • Glad you solved it. There are a number of features that consume power. If you are not leaving the car connected for charging as recommended, you may want to turn off these features:

    - Smart summon standby (only on FSD cars)
    - Sentry Mode
    - Smart Preconditioning
    - Cabin overtemp protection (not an issue in Winter)

    With all these off, you should only lose 2-5 miles of range over 24 hours. With these on, you are likely to lose at least 24 miles of range, and possibly a lot more if the heater comes on for preconditioning.
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