Model 3

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Delivered today, when did you order? Let’s keep a log of leadtimes and where

I am patiently waiting for my T3 but I would love to beata long ago you ordered yours with a recent delivery.
Thanks LVT3


  • Tesla is into delivering their cars at the end of each quarter if you're on the west coast of USA. So delivery times would be 1) end of March, 2) end of June, 3) end of September, and 4) end of December. In the earlier parts of each quarter they'll get the cars to Europe and the east coast of USA. This was described to me by a sales person at the Tesla showroom.
  • In the UK, ordered mine in May 2020, expected delivery was October 2020 but on 29 August 2020 received a text that my car will be delivered on 2 September 2020.
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