Model X

Voice Commands Not Understood

I have rebooted a few times but I still can’t get voice command to work for any command. Any suggestions on how to remedy this? I have been a Tesla owner since 2012 with all the models except the Y so this is not my first rodeo...Thanks


  • Had a similar problems with my 2016 X back in November. They cleared all of my previous destinations and some other items that were not self clearing from memory. Voice commands work now but with an added step. When I give the command, it comes back and says it does not understand but then shows the voice command on the screen and executes it. They told me the later was a “known bug” they were working on and that I needed to periodically clean out the nav memory locations. There appears to be a known problem with the older models and available memory. There is something happening at Tesla that might address the larger problem of insufficient memory in older models due to current needs. A larger drop-in memory may be in the works. I hope it arrives before my extended warranty expires :-)
  • Thanks for the input. I have a late 2019 X. Voice commands worked great for about a year then went silent. This is the first experience that I have had with any of my cars ( 2012 S, 2016 X, 2018 3, and 2019 X ). I’ll try deleting the nav memory and if that doesn’t work, it’s off to the service center...thanks again for the feedback
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