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Which Tesla model 3 would you buy?

Hello there! I'm wondering which car you would buy. A 2019 standard range plus with 10,000 mi on it for $35,500? Or a brand new 2021 Tesla model 3 for the regular purchase price.

The 2019 I'm looking at was originate delivered in March of 2019. So, it has a rated range of 240 mi and it has the fog lights. It also has the standard autopilot which you had to pay extra for back then.

I do like the look of the chrome on the 2019 version of the car. All the cars now come with the matte black trim.

Do you think that the slight bit of extra range, power trunk, and heat pump are worth it to just get the new one?


  • Yes. I had a 2020 with 13k miles and already have a 21 refresh. Better car.
  • > @S2_ said:
    > Yes. I had a 2020 with 13k miles and already have a 21 refresh. Better car.

    Did you get rid of your 2020? Both SR+ cars?
  • I’d never buy a used car, unless I really wanted that make and my budget was a deciding issue. You never know how the previous owner used/abused the car. There’s also the point that Tesla is constantly updating their cars with features (heat pump, laminated side glass, heated steering wheels, software goodies, etc.) that makes having their latest version more appealing to me. It’s very Apple-like, providing a great user experience over time, at least after we get through the new car break-in period of fixing assembly issues. I’m not looking forward to that (new car purchaser, awaiting delivery).
  • Because the used Tesla prices are rather high, I recommend a new car. It may, by the way, itself command a high resale price later.
  • > @JoeRussell said:
    > > @S2_ said:
    > > Yes. I had a 2020 with 13k miles and already have a 21 refresh. Better car.
    > Did you get rid of your 2020? Both SR+ cars?

    Totaled it sadly. Both LR AWD with performance boost. I have a performance MY too as my need-to-haul-shit-around car but the 3 is the daily driver
  • I'm a confirmed used car buyer and have done it with a succession of near-luxe cars (Lexus, Acura and now Tesla) for about 20 years. Cars are much better than in the old days, and a 2- or 3-year old car with modest mileage will lower your long term cost of ownership or allow you to afford a better car.

    I followed Tesla Model 3 prices over the last few years and was loathe to pay the premiums Tesla was charging for these new. I'm sure a lot of people here will disagree, but the original sticker prices were high. You got a compact sport sedan for the price of a mid-size luxury SUV. Meanwhile, used Model 3s were commanding prices almost as high as new ones,

    I'm now a new owner of a used Model 3 mainly because this has changed. A lot of the early 3s are coming off lease or their original owners are trading up, putting quite a few on the market at competitive prices. I had some hassles with the price of mine (discussed in another thread), but I finally paid about $22,000 less than the original sticker price of my car, which I expect to serve me well for at least a few years, before I start looking for another used car deal.

    To each his own, though. Only you can decide if the latest features and the new car pride are worth the cost and depreciation.
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