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Hitch for a couple of electric bikes

So I know Europe has a hitch orderable from factory at delivery. But can those of us in USA have Tesla install a hitch to do something so simple as carry a couple hundred pounds of bikes on a hitch?


  • Hi Kary993,
    I also have an electric bicycle and I have been meaning to call Tesla parts about the part below.

    Tesla M3 trailer Hitch Part #
  • Thanks for that reply and the part number. Strangely though I thought it would be a hitch receiver not adjust a ball. Most things like bike racks want to be inserted into a receiver. Does Tesla a receiver type hitch or do I have to go to a third party to have one installed and thus maybe voiding the Tesla warranty?
  • Maybe this setup? Anyone tried this?
  • @Kary993 That's my car in the pic. :) We use it to carry 2 electric bikes with no issues. You do take a hit on range, obviously, and using AP/FSD features don't work as well (haven't tried it lately, but it flipped out a few times), but overall, it's been great.
  • Thank you @ hokiegir1

    Wanted to move forward and wanted a professional to install but the recommendation from stealth hitches in San Diego has had a COVID outbreak at the shop so will have to wait until they reopen sadly. Hope they are ok and recover well!
  • I had a local shop try install an e-trailer hitch but it had to be removed as the back sensors stopped working. The shop guys are really good but really struggled with the install . E-trailer claims I ordered the wrong part but if so it is a mystery to my how this happened as it was their web ite that let me place the order. Am willing to try again as really need this for my bikes but will not use e-trailer
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