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Music streaming like button

What does the like button do with a music streaming song, after you click it?
Does this provide any benefit to the user?


  • It’s supposed to tell the streaming service to play more music like that song. That’s how most streaming services work, no matter where you listen to them.
  • Thank you for your reply.

    I was hoping that the selected “like” click on a song, would create a list or a group of liked songs for the user to re-listen to again?
  • Use the Favorites (star) icon for that.
  • Conversely, the dislike button alerts the streaming service you don't want to hear that song again, and it may use it to help reduce that style of songs.

    The like/dislike algorithms are far from perfect, but it can help to narrow automatic choices to those you prefer.
  • How does the Tesla Owners Favorites station that lists the top 20 songs requested by owners work? Does it go by how many times people ask the system to play a specfic song?
    Or does it pick the top 40 or so songs from some rating service and see how many likes or dislikes they get.
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