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Supercharging speed for 75 packs?

I am about to pull the trigger on a Model S 75 RWD from September 2017. The only thing that I am still in doubt about is the expected Supercharging speed I should expect arriving with low SoC and warm battery. As far as I can understand it used to be limited to 94 kW a few years ago and some cars was even limited to about 78-84 kW after supercharging too much - I can find quite a few topics about that. But the most recent topics and youtube videos I can find mentions that the car now has a peak charge speed at around 120-130 kW. but this conflicts with information from a German youtuber with a 75 pack that could not get over 84 kW when roadtripping to France last summer in his 2016 75 RWD. What can I expect?


  • I have this exact vehicle - Sept. 2017 build RWD S 75. The fastest it has ever been on my vehicle (and only for a few moments; it tapers fast) was 115 kW (this was at a V3 charger). It usually tops out closer to the high 80s, low 90s. An example - 21% SoC long drive, warm battery, arrive at Eureka, CA and get 89 kW top. I have a spreadsheet of each supercharging session for my S75 and my wife's model 3 - I just went through it to check the numbers and I've only seen over 94 kW the one time that it hit 115 which again was on a V3 with a 13% SoC on arrival. As a 350 volt battery, the max power/current is lower than on the packs that are 400 volt.
  • SkyDK, you could have a fully warmed up battery and roll in with 4% SOC to a V3 supercharger, but if the charger is cold soaked, it will not deliver as much power/charging speed as it would otherwise.

    With these cars, there are so many variables when it comes to charging that you would be like many people, setting yourself up for a fall by hyper-focusing on what you think you should be getting and then get upset when it doesn't happen.

    Also, there is no throttling back charging because of "too much" supercharging. Having driven from CT to FL numerous times of the past 7 years, I never saw any throttling.
  • There absolutely is throttling because of “too much” supercharging—that’s not even debatable, and I’ve been told by Tesla that my car was throttled.

    Now back to the topic at hand, I have a 2016 S-75, so probably identical to the one in question. When new, the supercharge rate would top out in the middle 90s kW. After throttling, it peaks at 82kW very briefly. The taper also begins earlier and is more significant than when the car was new. Charging takes much longer than it did pre-throttling. I’d guess it is 20-30 minutes more per session which doesn’t sound too bad until you have to make 5-6 stops on a 1,000 mile trip (which I do several times a year).

    The latest update is supposed to remove the throttling. I haven’t received that update, so I can’t provide any personal experience, but I’ve seen reports of 75s from that era peaking in the middle 90s kW again. I hope that’s the case.
  • Haven't seen peak of 93 kW for almost 2 years. My '16 S75 has been supercharging (V2 or V3) at 78 kW max (warm battery) between 40-48%. No way will this 4-year old 350V pack ever hit 130 kW. There will be CarBQs left and right if such charging speeds were to be updated.
  • fholley, and why was your car throttled?

    Now, I have a S85 and the charging speed has been throttled, but it has nothing to do with frequent supercharging, which is what the OP is inferring.
  • > @jordanrichard_629778 said:
    > fholley, and why was your car throttled?
    > Now, I have a S85 and the charging speed has been throttled, but it has nothing to do with frequent supercharging, which is what the OP is inferring.

    I was told by Tesla that the charging speed is reduced after a certain amount of DC charging (including CHAdeMO) and that it was permanent (which is hopefully not the case now given the pending update). They didn’t specify a specific number of kWs that trigger the throttling but I’ve seen it mentioned on the TMC forums—I think it’s in the incredibly long throttling thread in the Model S battery and charging subsection if you’re interested in reading it. My car is a 2016 S-75.
  • Update: Picked the car up today 3 hours away. Need to charge a bit to make it all the way home. Arrived with 17% at Hedensted Supercharger and got 117 kW! Much more than expected. But it started tampering already at around 32% and at 40% it was down to 90kW and still falling. I left shortly after.
  • 90kW at 40%? That is more than I have ever gotten in my 2013 S85!
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