Model S

Electric gate opens but doesn't close once I pass through

When I drive into my driveway and push the open function on my S the gate opens. Once I pass through going into garage and press the close function it doesn't close. I have to use the opener provided by the gate company to close it. Thoughts??


  • Likely a combination of the Homelink mounted in the front of the car, and a weak detector in the gate. You might check to see if the gate antenna has broken off or is bent so that it has reduced sensitivity.
  • I back into my garage and have the same issue pulling out the car tries to auto close but I have to stop just beyond the door to ensure it works. As TeslaTap mentions - transmitter on front of car - setup is definitely made for pulling into a garage then backing out so transmitter is always facing the opener. We have a similar issue with our Mercedes.
  • Same here. The receiver to our gates is "hard of hearing". The old receiver had a better antenna. It responded to the car very well. I'm thinking of getting a longer bigger antenna. You might try the same.
  • You might try increasing the distance at which the Homelink connection is set to engage. You're closer to the gate when you open it than you are once you have pulled into the garage.
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