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Not starting up problem

Hi there, just seeing if anyone has had this issue on their X before. I went out to go to work this morning and the vehicle is completely dead..both screens black. Called support and we tried the screen reset and also a key reset. Both did not work. I live 700 kms from the nearest Service center and the mobile tech is booked for a month.. any suggestions?


  • The fact you got into the car sort of implies the car has power? What is the model/year of your car? If you have a meter, can you check the 12v? It should be 12-14.5V. If lower, the 12v battery may have died, and/or the DC-DC charger has failed. If it looks like the 12v battery has failed, you could try charging it and/or replacing it yourself to get going. The manual explains how to charge the 12v from an external charger.
  • Thanks for the reply. I have a 17 Model X 100D. When I called support I asked about the 12V and shge said it looks good on their end. Do you think I should still give it a boost. The key fobs dont work, screens are black..but when I put the charger on it the big screen comes on and show the charge but cant do anything else with it
  • This is strange. No, I no longer think the 12v is the problem. I think Tesla service is going to need to look at it. The fact that they can remote into it is a partially good sign, but with FOB failure and display failure are two separate systems, it may be some internal electrical connection failure. Sorry, I don't have any better ideas.
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